Today's Outfit

So here it is, as it says on the tin: Today's Outfit. Sporting less eye make-up (I'm trying to be brave and not wear eye liner for a week, but I just replaced it with the brightest lipstick I have...), my usual leather jacket, Studded Levi shorts (I had to get them out before the moths feasted on them) my "chanel" tee and my new favourite item: My completely tacky H&M necklace. I literally love it for it's tackiness. It reminds me of the kind of necklace you would get in a princess pack when you were younger, with the plastic jewels. I'm also a fan, if I don't say so myself, of my clashing pink and neon yellow combo (just blowing my own trumpet a tad bit there). In fact this whole outfit looks pretty thrown together.

On another note - I am definitely having my work experience at Selfridges! I start next tuesday (as I have graduation monday, come to think of it I totally forgot about Graduation what the hell am I going to wear?!) So yes, that's exciting! AND my first posts go on the websites i'm working for this week, so I will be sure to share those with you too!

Have a nice day all!

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