My Fashion Career (Or the beginning of it!)

Hi guys,

I have some very exciting news for you all (Well, exciting for me!). Over the past couple of months I have been applying here, there and everywhere for experience to further my career within the fashion industry, and i've finally reached some success!

Firstly I have been given a roll as fashion blogger for websites and So here's the low down. Who Wore It Better( compares celebs wearing similar outfits, where readers can vote on who they think wore the outfit better (with brilliant links to high street versions of the outfits!). I will be writing weekly articles for this site as part of the editorial team, and contributing to growing the brand.

Secondly, I am now in charge of the 'Trends' section of the website for clothing brand KRUSH. KRUSH are an affordable clothing line that supplies us with fashion forward clothing (honestly they're stuff is great, I wouldn't be supporting them if I thought otherwise!). So get your clicking fingers at the ready at check out the site: because I am CERTAIN you will find lots of things on the site that you will love, as I have.

Thirdly (I don't think i've ever had a thirdly before) I am waiting of a conformation e-mail from Selfridges Merchandising Department about starting work experience with them for 2weeks starting next monday. This is crazy I can't believe it myself to be honest.
FORTHLY (I know this is getting ridiculous, Can you even get forthly's?!) I am interning at ASOS magazine *slight panic attack with excitement* between the fashion and editorial department. A dream come true! I will be at ASOS from the 3rd of December, amongst all those yummy clothes for 4 whole weeks!

So what's in it for you I hear you say? 
I will link you to the posts I do each week for my online content, bringing you all the latest offers and products from KRUSH and hottest celebrity looks and high-street versions from !
Of course I will also post as much as I can from behind the scenes at Selfridges and ASOS, giving you the low down of how each company works, as well as advice on how to make it in the fashion industry (from my first hand experience - man it is tough out there, but if I can get my foot in that tiny door you can too!)

Some of you may have noticed I have also put my e-mail address up to the right of my blog, under the deeply interesting description of myself... *Sarcasm intended* So if any of you have any questions about my work experience, my blog content, or just a general hello, do not hesitate to contact me!

Thanks again to all of you for following me, I honestly cannot wait to share all of my experiences with you all!

Holly oxo
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