ASOS Internship: Day 1 & 2


So I arrive at Mornington Crescent (literally a step from ASOS HQ) at 8:15am. Yes I completely over estimated the amount of time it would take to get there, I wasn't supposed to arrive until 9:30... I took the term 'Eager Beaver' to the next level. Thinking that this was ridiculously early, but also loving the fact that once in my life I'm not rushing, I went to Costa had a Hot Chocolate (now my fashion intern staple/accessory) and blueberry muffin. But let's face it you're not reading this to hear about what I had for breakfast!

 ASOS HQ, in Camden.

So I enter ASOS HQ at 9am (the people in Costa began to give me funny looks, as I was picking crumbs from the muffin packaging for the final 20minutes I was in there) and arrive in the most amazing lobby I have ever seen! This wall of photography is the new inspiration for my bedroom! I was greeted by the fashion assistant Letty, and another of the Magazine team Jo. Both are lovely! They give me a quick tour of the MASSIVE ASOS floor where PR, Marketing, Press, Website and Magazine are based (amongst others I cannot remember...). Then I am shown to the fashion cupboard, where I will be living for the next month, whilst I wait for the other intern to arrive.

 Before our major clean-up...

Once the other intern arrived, Amy, we are shown all of the ASOS HQ Floors. The other floors included buying (which makes up the mass majority of the second floor) Sample rooms full of clothing, photo studios, fit room, post room and second just as amazing reception/bar/chill area (featuring pool table and football table) where all the models chill out.
The first day we got to know the place, collected samples from buyers for photo shoots, met the rest of the ASOS team and had a major clean up of the fashion cupboard, see the before and after pictures above! Overall it was a brilliant first day!


On the second day our main task was to layout moodboards as inspiration for some up and coming photo shoots. Amy was given a moodboard to layout for a fashion shoot for the magazine, and I was given a music based moodboard. As you may already know, I LOVE creating moodboards, both physical and digital, so really enjoyed doing this!

I also got to attend a meeting with the Fashion Up team about trends they can see amongst celebs that they can use for the apps features. If you have an android, and don't have the ASOS Fashion Up app yet, you NEED to get it, it's amazing!

Later in the day I was given a moodboard featuring different styles of trouser for an up and coming photoshoot. I had to arrange the catwalk images into styles and lay them out.

 Peg Leg Trousers



Nearly finished moodboard, also featuring Track 'they don't call them track suit bottoms here!' Skinnies and wide leg trousers.

I had an enjoyable second day, it was great to be able to get creative with the moodboards, hopefully I will be given more to do in the future! On the second day I also picked up samples, and general help with the fashion cupboard. 
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