ASOS Internship: Days 3 & 4


My third day at ASOS was rather manic, as there are LOADS of shoots over the next two weeks, so we have to help unpack, prerp and collect all of the clothing and accessories.

Fluffy Angora Cardigan, H&M, £59.99 // Neon Gem Necklace, H&M, Roughly £8 // Grey Leigh Jeans, Topshop // Faux Leather front and chiffon back top, H&M, Roughly £12.

Collecting samples from the buyers

Unpacking all the sample jewellery

I absolutely love this rosemary beaded braclet/ring piece!

Day 4

Day four was also as busy! The ASOS HQ were having they're christmas party on this evening, so the offices were busy being decorated. We have the fun task of dressing head of the magazine, so had to route through the fashion cupboards and go into Camden to pick up a couple of bits for her.

Me all morning dopey-eyed on the train at 7.15am (wrapped up because it was snowing!)
Fur Head Band, Primark (Last Year) // Jewelled Necklace, Primark (Last Year) // Military Jumper, ZARA

 Camden Market

 Amy the other fashion intern - I LOVE how she dresses!

Some rings I quickly brought from Camden Market. Managed to get 4 for £10!

Day 4 was another great day, it was brilliant to venture into Camden (only one stop on the tube) and get out of the fashion cupboard as much as i love it! We spent the afternoon unpacking garments and getting into the christmas spirit!
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