Calling all Fashion Interns: Here's practical (but fashionable!) solutions to carrying our 'intern essentials'

Since I've been running around London with my bag full of intern essentials (half of which aren't essential at all, mostly 'just incase' items) I've completely butchered my beloved BATOKO bag (the one you see stuck to my shoulder in most posts). So i've been looking around for a non-bank breaking option (very important), perfect for any fashion intern!
I'm personally looking for a bag thats of course in black, preferably with silver details. With this as my 'requirements' these are the options I have so far:

The Rucksack
Let's face it, i've already walked into Jimmy Choo on my first day interning look like a drowned rat, i'm sure i'm not the only one, so a practical bag - even if it isn't as fashionable as the rest, isn't the end of the world, as we're usually sweaty, tired and rubbing our 'fashionable bag shoulder' by the end of the day.
The great thing about the backpack is you can pretty much forget that it's there, especially when you have 20 bags to return to different PR companies over London, any shoulder/hand/arm free is a blessing! Here are two reasonably fashionable but different options I have found that won't empty your bank account:

1. The Leather Backpack,, £55.
When it comes to bags i'm quite girly, so this is an unusual option for me.
Pros: It's Leather meaning better, longer lasting quality. Slouchy design with triangle, flap-over front, drawstring closure mean my 'intern essentials' are safe from pesky London pick-pockets. Adjustable shoulder straps are a definite plus. Practical.
Cons: Not my preferred style of bag.
Find it here: Leather Backpack

2. Mini Black Quilted Rucksack, River Island, £30.
Pros: A more feminine style of rucksack, with Chanel style quilting. Preferred details. Good Price.
Cons: Smallest of the bags, therefore not as practical. Not as good quality fabric.
Find it here: Black Quilted Rucksack

The Tote
The brilliant thing about the Tote is how large and how much they can fit inside them. Especially for days when i'm interning and need my laptop. Unlike the rucksack though, it has to be carried on the shoulder, and although they look a lot nicer, they aren't as practical (think massive Tote when trying to get off a packed tube during rushhour...not a great combo as it usually gets wedged in between the business men!)

3. Studded Slouchy Shoulder Bag, Miss Selfridge, £39.
Pros: Visually pleasing and suits a range of styles/outfits well. Large and able to fit a lot inside.
Cons: It doesn't zip up, so belongings aren't as protected. One strap - It may sound silly but is it going to be prone to falling off the shoulder and generally getting in the way? (This is one major issue i've had with my other Tote. Anyone else?)

4. Bucket Bag with Zips, ZARA, £39.99
Pros: External zips allow to extend bag size. Large enough to carry essentials and Laptop. Good Price.
Cons: Very large, it might get in the way.
Find it here: Zara Bucket Bag

Overall I can see all of these bags have pros and cons, but practicality is probably the most important factor, a bag that's comfortable, doesn't really get in the way, holds everything you need, whilst still looking great. I'm being swayed toward the Leather Rucksack by ASOS, but I have to wait for payday before I make my investment.
This obviously gives more time to research more bags, and if anyone knows of any more options you think make the 'Perfectly Practical Bag for a Fashion Intern' Please do let me know! In the mean time, i'll keep looking for the perfect intern bag!

Holly x

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