One of my new followers? This is for you!

As big headed as the title of this blog post is - i'm honestly doing it for anyone checking out my blog for the first time! It's a pain having to click the 'Older Posts' button again and again just to gather a sense of the bloggers style - so I thought i'd make it a little easier...

Since joining IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) website - i've been overwhelmed with the support from all the communities bloggers! I've found some amazing blogs, and can't wait to discover more.
So for all of those new people to my blog - and future bloggers checking it out, here's some of my past outfit posts (So you don't have to click the dreaded older post button!).

I hope you like and enjoy my outfits, any comments are more than welcome. Some of these outfits/items I might not even wear now - but that's what I love about personal style blogs, you can really get a sense of how your style and tastes have developed over time! I definitely don't have an outrageous style that's fashion forward or 'hasn't been done', but I definitely do know what I like and don't like - I love simple items that are versatile, that I can style differently and as you can see I love a lot of black and white!
So thanks to my older followers, hi and thanks to my new followers, and hello to future bloggers that my be reading this - I hope you enjoy!

Holly x

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