Review: Autumn/Winter Ankle Boots

Come winter time every girl needs a good pair of boots. This year has seen the come back of the leather (or fux leather) ankle boot. Personally this boot is one of my favourite styles, and seen across many of my personal favourite style blogs.
Like many of you out there, lack in disposable income is a major factor affecting my winter wardrobe buys. Instead of being able to spend spend spend on any garment that catches my eye, i'm spending my money wisely on just a few key items, that are versatile.

Original Choice: Topshop's 'MIGHTY BLACK LEATHER ZIP BOOTS'.
A reasonable price at £40 these boots are 100% Leather, with silver zip detail, and perfect sized heel for many at 2.5 inches. A boot you can wear from day through to night.
Pros: Leather - harder wearing, better quality and investment for future seasons.
Cons: Personally prefer a higher heel.

The Contender: H&M's Boots.
A very similar version by H&M at a cheaper price of £24.99. They are imitation leather (better for those out there thatprefer to avoid leather) with pretty much the exact zip detail, but with a higher heel at 4.5 inches.
Pros: Price (for pretty much exactly the same design), higher heel.
Cons: Imitation leather - lesser quality.

The Decision: After trying both boots on, I decided to go with the H&M option. In terms of quality, the Topshop boot is probably the one to go for, but the H&M boot is nearly half the price for pretty much the same design. This will be different for many of you, but what swayed me was the heel height (i'm only 5'2" so everyday reasonable sized heels are just part of my wardrobe!), and of course the price...

If I'd had more money, I probably would have gone with the Topshop boot, as many of you are probably thinking, for a leather boot £40 is a reasonable price. Overall i'm extremely happy with my purchase, especially as I wear them so often, with jeans, chiffon skirts, silk shorts - the options are endless. Either of these boots are a brilliant Autumn/Winter wardrobe staple, that will take you all the way through to spring!
Let me know if this helped, or if you've found any other brilliant boots!

Holly x

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