Laptop full of fashion images? Here's a DIY solution!

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Don't you just hate folders on your laptop full of fashion images that you love, but have to spend hours searching through them for inspiration? Create a moodboard, have similar images in one place and free up some space!

I love making Moodboards. It kind of reflects who I am; Organised Kaos. They've become a part of my weekly routine (when I get a second), and have been part of my school, collage, university and working/interning life since I was 13. We all have our different ways of compiling inspiration (whether through social media; pinterest, tumblr etc) but I find creating a moodboard of a particular style or trend is the easiest way for myself to gather together images i've found that I love, and am then easily able to reference back to. Best of all, once you've created your moodboard, you can them just delete the original single jpeg files from your computer!

I've not shared any of my moodboards on my blog before, so why not start now! And if you haven't tried it before, I recommend it. You don't really have to be a dab-hand at photoshop, it doesn't necessarily have to be 'pretty' - it's just supposed to represent a theme or style - but im sure you probably already knew that.

Let me know what you think - If you create any moodboards, or other interesting ways of compiling images please send me a link to your blog below!

Holly x

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