Today's Outfit

Today i'm doing freelance work for JAKE Design Studio. I'm NOT a fan of black tights at all, but it's honestly a horrid day in London - and as i'm small I don't produce much body heat - being warm is a must for me!
Anyway, here's my take on a 'smart office outfit'. I cannot be doing with polyester suits, (which noone wears at JAKE anyway, but you have to be reasonably smart) so I opted for my peplum leather skirt, baggy boyfriend tank and skull scarf. Smart enough...?
Shock horror i'm wearing flats AND I have my hair up. Unusual for me!

Holly x


Boyfriend Tank, Topshop, £12. Peplum Leather Skirt, Lipsy, £45. Skull Scarf, Primark, £6. Studded Bow, Matalan, £2.50.
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