Meet the Scraggles.

This is a Scraggle.  Scraggles are funny little creatures (similar to Fraggles--if you remember that muppet show from the 90s?! HA!}  They live in Scraggle Patches, have wild hair, big eyes, and love to teach kids all about the short vowel "a".  We had a family of 4 Scraggles come to visit our class last week.  While they visited, my first graders had a blast learning to read and write words with short vowel "a"!  

Everyone chose a Scraggle to decorate.  Then we brainstormed a list of short "a" names to write on their shirts.  After the silly creatures were decorated and named, they were glued to our class Scraggle Patch--for students to practice reading the short "a" names during stations!  

I have some wonderfully creative first graders!  Here were some of my personal favorite Scraggle names:  Zaxby, Batman, Dragon, and Alvin!  Ha! :)

{Teacher friends, I created a packet full of "Scraggle-ific" literacy activities to go along with our Scraggles.  If you are looking for a memorable way to teach short a, please click the picture to take you to TpT shop!}

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