Favorite Books Scrapbook?

As I was going through my closet this morning, I found some of my college projects and binders. It felt strange looking back through all the things I had written and created before I truly knew what teaching was all about! I found one of my favorite projects from my Elementary Literature class. The assignment was to create a Newbery books scrapbook (yes,teachers, the front cover happens to be spelled incorrectly)! Anyway, I thought this same concept could be used for my first graders, but I will ask them each to choose any favorite book and make a page for a class scrapbook! I think it could be another fun way to get kids to share wonderful books with each other!

Here are few examples from my Newbery scrapbook. I left this near my classroom library when I taught 4th grade. It was a huge hit! The kids loved reading my "homework"! If you are just feeling crafty, you could make one yourself!

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