The Sound Muncher

This year we will be feeding the classroom sound muncher objects with the phonics pattern we are learning for the week! On Monday, I ask the kids to look for items around the classroom and at home to feed to the sound muncher the next day! The sound muncher is a great way to review phonics skills, and I like to put him at the word work center for the kids to draw and label the objects they find inside! To get your own sound muncher, visit the kids hamper section at Target!

Below is an example of the center page that would go with the Sound Muncher. The kids would fill in the cloud with the sound of the week, then they would enjoy pulling out the items their friends brought in to go with that sound. They sketch the object, then they label it, trying their best to spell the word. I like for my kids to underline or highlight the letters that make the sound we are learning for the week.
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