I Love Cute Fonts.

Okay, something you should know about me: I am a little obsessed with cute fonts. I wish everything I write could be written in "scrap swirl" or "doodle dots". A few of my teacher friends have asked me about the fonts I use, so I thought I'd share where I have gotten some of my favorites! Just add fonts to my growing list of favorite things.

A great site to find cute fonts and cute clip art is DJ Inkers.
I bought this font CD for $29.95, and have been very happy with it:
DJ Inkers also has single download fonts, so you can pick and choose some fun ones and it doesn't cost as much as the entire CD!

I have also just stumbled across the wonderful blog, Kevin and Amanda. Amanda is a southern "Martha-Stewarty" girl who has an entire list of scrapbooking fonts that you can download for free! Just warning you--you will need at least an hour or so to look around her amazing blog. Try to find photos of her scrapbooking room. It's pretty amazing. She is also the queen of organization! Unfortunately my house will probably never look as great as hers! Ha! My house may be a mess, but at least my classroom is organized!
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