Fashion Intern: Are you an all-rounder or master of one?

'Is it okay to be an all-rounder when in pursuit for a career in fashion?'

Am I the only one that’s asked myself this question? I’m pretty sure I’m not. That’s why I am writing this blog post, to hopefully help you reflect on what your good at, and that having a wide-range of skills isn’t a bad thing...

All my life in most aspects in my life I've been average when it comes to performance. We’re talking intermediate sets in school, medium levels in sports... Not being awful at stuff, I always worked hard and got grades to be proud of but not always the best either. The truth is though, there's always someone better. It's taken me until now to not dwell on this fact.

I am however good visually. In school I always got good grades in art. I got a First at University studying Fashion Photography. My photography isn't what I call amazing. I love photography but I would never call myself a photographer. Why study fashion with photography then I hear you ask you ask? Because I'm good at photography. But I'm also good with photo editing and photo retouching. I can use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I enjoy styling am good at PR and marketing. I have a reasonable knowledge of fashion & it's history. I'm not the greatest at all of these but I do possess all of these skills and my degree, allowed me to explore and show my talents in all of these areas within fashion. In fact, without having all of these skills I wouldn't be where I am today.

Although I was interning as a stylist assistant at ASOS, my CV explained I had skills in not only fashion but graphic design too, which landed me the job I have at ASOS today. If I hadn't got the job with the design team, it was arranged that I would have done an internship with the marketing team because I did some marketing projects. Because I had a range of skills, I got more opportunities.

Like me, all of your lives you probably have people asking 'what do you want to do?' and every time they expect a specific answer. Your teachers at school tell you it’s better excel in one particular subject in order to make it into university. At school I didn't even study fashion. 
At university your lectures tell you its better to excel in a particular area in order to make it in your chosen subject. Truth is you don't HAVE to (but it is great if you do!). However, I didn't. I'm good at a lot of things, not excellent at one. My point is (we got there eventually) it’s okay to be an all-rounder. I am an all-rounder. But I do excel in one thing; pushing myself to work hard to make a career for myself. And this is probably the one skill that will come in most useful to myself and to you.

So if you get the opportunity to learn a new skill, take it. Learn how to use Photoshop, InDesign, and an SLR camera. Have a go at styling or photography. Set yourself your own PR project and look at what strategies marketing companies’ use. If you are excellent at one thing and know that’s exactly what you want to do I do envy you. This is brilliant, and I believe you should always strive for excellence. But whoever you are or whatever it is that you’re good (or average) at, never close the door on learning a new skill. You never know which skills might come in handy and which may just bag you that dream job!

So are you an All-rounder? Or have you made it because you excel in one area? I'd love to know!

Holly x

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