Tuesday's Tip: Easy to Style Hair

Now I don't know about you guys, but the easier my hair is to handle and style, the easier/less stressful my mornings are. Most days I end up just leaving my limp hair sitting around my face, as it's just so darn hard to style. ESPECIALLY when it's freshly washed hair. I myself, have rather thin hair and this with the combination of fresh shampooed and conditioned locks, leaves me with lifeless, flat, hard to style head of hair.

My Tuesday beauty tip for making hair fuller and easier to style?

Wash it with conditioner first, then shampoo!

When I first heard this tip I thought to myself 'won't the shampoo just wash the conditioner out?'. I've tried and tested this technique now a couple of times and it doesn't!
I naturally have thin, straight hair so have to do A LOT to get it to do anything. But using this technique of conditioning first, still leaves your hair tangle free, but without that 'sliky' feel (which personally am not a fan of for daytime looks). So for all of you rough head Olsen/Alexa lovers out there, you definitely need to try this! All of you Aniston/Scherzinger silky hair goddesses do not threat; You can still get silky locks with your straighteners, but conditioning then shampooing makes hair easier to handle.

So give it a go girls, and let me know if it works for you!
That's my Tuesday Hair Tip!
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