Pink Penguin Craftivity

After reading one of my favorite penguin books, Pink! by Lynne Rickards, the kids made these adorable guys today:

I always love this craftivity, because it is super simple, but stinkin' cute.  I think I might leave these up in the hall for awhile.  In my reasoning, I can leave them until Valentine's Day, because they are pink--and pink is a Valentine color.  {Yes!  So, there!}  

I used scrapbook paper for our penguins, and, as a last minute decision, decided to mis-match the body pattern with the wings!  I think it makes them look even more unique.  After crafting, the kids wrote about their penguins.  Some of their writing was HYSTERICAL!  One little one said she'd take hers to Chuck E Cheese, and another said that his penguin was named Monster.  {He had to give that pink guy a tough name!}

I LOVE this one--look at those eyes!  The writing to go with it is below!  It is so cute!  The penguin's name is Crazy Bill, and he is a good "guard penguin".  His birthday is unknown because he is a super hero from Mars.  And he can lay exploding eggs!  Very cool.

This craftivity and writing page is available as a free download!  Please click the picture below:

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